Corporate Vision Mission and Values

Corporate Vision Mission and Values

A culture of corporate integrity in the organization invariably brings "trust" with our customers. We aim to become a global integrated Valve Maintenance Equipment and Industrial Valve provider through these values.


To be the leading Valve Maintenance Equipment and Industrial Valve provider.


To pursue perfection with integrity.


Transparent, Universal, Progressive and Timeless



The Organizational structure of FLUIDCHEM is based on the virtues of transparency, being universal, progressive and timeless. FLUIDCHEM`s operations, both internal as well as external, are always guided by these virtues. While we aim to become a global player providing Valve Maintenance Equipment and Industrial Valve Solution, we are also well-prepared for timeless efforts with a progressive attitude. We believe that transparency with internal stakeholders such as employees and with external stakeholders in the form of our clients, vendors and financial institutions, help in building trust and in maintaining long term relationships.

FLUIDCHEM`s culture, policies, and leadership philosophy are focused to promote Corporate Integrity. A culture of integrity starts at the top which spreads across the Organization and can be observed in the conduct and activities of the executives. FLUIDCHEM constantly focuses to improve work environment and productivity through the development of shared values to the work force. This invariably brings “trust” with external stakeholders because the leadership of the company has created such a culture of integrity. The valued customer loyalty and strong partnerships testifies the credibility of FLUIDCHEM’s capabilities which is predictable, reliable, and consistent in meeting the needs and requirements of the Client.