High quality abrasives with various backings
We supply a wide range of high quality abrasives with various backings for all applications in all required forms and dimensions.

Application :-

  • Rough grinding
  • Finish grinding
  • Polishing (lapping)

Product range :-

  • Grinding rings in all dimensions
  • Grinding disks
  • Grinding segments
  • Sheets

Available Grits :- 40 - 800

  • Silicon Carbide
  • Aluminium Oxide

Backing :-
Paper water resistant, cloth and polyester

CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) Grinding Heads High performance CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) grinding heads for the portable lapping grinding and machines for :-

  • CBN is highly suitable for grinding hard sealing faces with a minimum hardness of 35 HRC such as, for example, steel on cobalt and nickel basis, highly alloyed steels, chromium steel, etc.
  • The good heat resistance of CBN in combination with its great hardness makes possible economic grinding at the higher machining temperatures of these steels (long life).

Lapping Paste
FLUIDCHEM Lapping Paste is ideally suitable for hand lapping and polishing especially in intricate cavities where continuous feed of abrasive is not desired or not possible. The abrasive particles in the paste form are of blocky shape which helps in maximizing cutting efficiency and attain required finish.
Lapping paste are available in various micron sizes starting from 60 microns to 3 microns.
Lapping paste is available from various types of combinations of abrasives. The appropriate types as applicable are recommended based on the surface finish requirements and the parts to be lapped etc.

Pack Size : Minimum of 12 packs of 500 grams each.